Treatments to refresh your spirit and body

  • Skin will be rejuvenated
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes healthy skin with stem cells
  • Leaves you feeling ultra pampered

Beauty Rituals

Lapis of Luxury

Lapis of Luxury-444

This is our Ultimate Facial, includes award winning natural skin care with spiritual and relaxation techniques to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance. "It's bougie and you'll leave with amazing skin" This includes a take home gift!


Choose a Gem for a Personalized Treatment.

These gems represent a beautiful succession of high-quality facials. Each level includes the RUBY as a base and then increases in intensity and luxury by adding techniques and ingredients.



This facial includes up to seven techniques or add ons..Experience this ultra-pampering facial that combines soothing energy balancing with several award-winning skincare treatments and special add ons. *This includes a take home gift!



This facial includes four to six techiques or add ons. Like: Collagen & Caviar Infusion with Aqua Luxe, Diamond Deluxe or MicroZen Deluxe.



This facial includes three to five techniques or add-ons. Like: Aqua Luxe, Diamond Deluxe, MicroZen Stem Cells.



This facial includes two to four techniques or add ons. Like: MicroZen nano plus, Diamond peel plus, Oxygen RX, Cocoa Berry Firming Peptide or Back to youth Peel.



This facial includes two to four techniques or add ons. Like: MicroZen Nano Plus, Diamond Peel Plus, Oxygen RX, Cocoa Berry Firming Peptide or Back to Youth Peel.



This facial includes up to two techniques or add-ons. Like: Oxygen Infusion, Redness relief Cocoa enzyme, Crystal Clear Acne Peel or Radiance Brightening Peel.



This facial includes one technique or add on. Like: Diamond Microdermabrasion, VitaBrite Enzyme, Led Light, Pore Clearing Clarity or Rich and Replenish.



Our house facial is anything but basic! Revive skin with Ultrasonic Cleansing, a warm veil of steam, masking, massaging and nourishing with an antioxidant serum. *All facials above include these steps with the addition of modalities, devices and add-ons for better results.

An energy balancing crystal body layout is free and optional with all facials.

*Results vary per individual due to many factors such as health and lifestyle. This is a safe and non medical treatment with only a few contraindications such as pregnancy, post surgery, pacemaker, electrical implants, auto immune disorders, uncontrolled diabetes and conditions that produce slow healing.

Products may be substituted, and prices may change at any time.
We reserve the right to refuse services for any reason and may require doctors notice in the event of warts, nail fungus or anything potentially contagious.

**Even though noninvasive, we do require doctors’ clearance on a few of our services that use electrical equipment. Some medical conditions and health conditions of the body may lessen results.

Our Guests Love the attention

We want to thank you for choosing us to take care of you during your time away from the daily grind. Whatever your needs are, we’re ready and happy to provide whatever service will make up for all that’s been missing in life.

Our guests really love the attention and service here at Spa Lapis. They tell us that they really appreciate how we take care of them and make sure that they feel welcome.



Beauty Rituals

All natural healing treatments that enhance overall wellbeing.

Lashes & Brows

Enhance your eyes with a variety of lush and high quality services.

Hands & Feet

Luxurious nail treatments using natural and organic products.

Advanced Treatments

Innovative treatments for skincare.

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Body Treatments

Treatments To Refresh
Your Spirit And Body

Gem City Permanent Cosmetics provides a comfortable custom experience with natural or glamorous results.

Introducing LA Aesthetics, our affiliate specializing in IV infusion therapy and vitamin shots.



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